Spotting Russian Disinformation

Why monitoring Russian disinformation is important?

Over the last decade, Russia has been involved in major war conflicts as an aggressor, starting with Georgia's invasion to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which caused the biggest war conflict since WWII. 

One of the biggest weapons of Russian aggression and combinatory wars is disinformation. Russian fake news, as well as direct propaganda, has always been a major part of its foreign information and manipulation interference policy. Today, Russia is the number one state that spends billions of dollars sponsoring high-level disinformation campaigns, destabilizing states, causing social unity erosion, and even interfering in the election process.

Typically, the Russian disinformation campaign is a set of narratives that dwell in the realm of social media, state-affiliated media and in the messengers like Telegram. Osavul has been dealing with Russian disinformation campaigns for 3 years already and we are quite successful at it, as we have been tested in Russia’s war against Ukraine and became the key partner of Ukraine protecting its government, NGOs, businesses from the Russian information threats.

Track Russian Disinformation

Over the years, Russia has flooded foreign states with media networks and infiltrated its narratives in the Western media. Below you can see the graph from the Aspen Institute of Italy where you can see how Russian narratives affected EU media sphere.
With our software you can detect and analyze these narratives.

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We Are the Experts on Russia

Russian disinformation list has many operations financed with billions of dollars. We are keen on pre-bunking and de-dunking them, like $1.5 billion Maidan 3 operation aimed to destabilize Ukraine and its government.

We have the biggest base of the compromised Russian-affiliated channels in the world that gives us an opportunity to see the whole network of Russian propaganda and narratives effect.

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From Telegram to VK and beyond

It is also about the language. Non-native Russian speakers can omit some of the important narratives that are born and tested inside Russia and then spread to other countries. Our software understands modern Russian slang to show you the whole picture regarding its narratives.

Osavul Can Analyze It For You

Russian misinformation or disinformation is tricky to find and Osavul can give you the insights on who is spreading it, their history, affiliation, messages and sentiment analysis and segment big messages by topics.  

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Why Is It Important to Monitor Russia?

Detection of Russian FIMI, its analysis and sharing threats with your partners is essential for the state security, institutions reputation and even businesses .

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Osavul was founded as a response to the Russian disinformation operations and fake news. From day one we have been processing these fakes informing our partners about information security threats.
Our platform is tailored to the principles of the Rapid Alert System that allows you and your partners detect threats from Russia and react to them accordingly.
We can detect Russian bots, state-affiliated channels and cyber threats that can target you or your institutions.
Our AI-powered information security solution helps to process huge datasets from big set of social media platforms, messengers and web media at a lower cost with less human factor involved. This helps us to de-bunk huge information campaigns that Russia launches every time.  

Check Osavul Capabilities

Osavul has a unique experience in protecting states and organizations from Russian disinformation. Becoming a success story in Ukraine which is number 1 state targeted by Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference, Osavul has been recognized a key partner of the state and its international partners, being presented globally. Contact our team to see how your state or institution can be protected from FIMI.

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