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Today's digital landscape is increasingly susceptible to Coordinated Inauthentic Behaviour (CIB) and needs such tools as bot detection and bot monitoring. This refers to efforts that use bots and other inauthentic means to spread misinformation, manipulate narratives, or promote specific agendas.

[How does CIB work?]
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Identical Messages Across Accounts

One of the most obvious signs of CIB (Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior) is the simultaneous posting of identical messages across multiple accounts at the time. This coordinated messaging aims to amplify a specific narrative or agenda, creating a false perception of widespread opinion.

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Bot-Driven Content Interaction

Bots play a pivotal role in CIB by artificially inflating content popularity. They interact with content by liking, sharing, or commenting, and can even manipulate polls or leave fake reviews. This tactic aims to create an illusion of genuine engagement and support, thereby influencing public perception.

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Deceptive Practices

Beyond automated interactions, CIB often involves creating fake accounts or impersonating real users. These deceptive practices are used to spread misinformation, amplify certain narratives, or discredit opposing views.

By mimicking genuine user behavior, these accounts make it harder to distinguish between authentic and inauthentic content.

CIB can have a significant negative impact on individuals, businesses, and society as a whole. It can erode trust in legitimate information sources, distort public perception, and even influence elections.

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CIB Impact

The consequences of CIB extend beyond the digital realm, affecting individuals, businesses, and society at large

Erosion of Trust

CIB undermines trust in legitimate information sources and institutions. When people are exposed to coordinated misinformation campaigns, it becomes challenging to discern genuine from fake content, leading to widespread mistrust.

Distorted Perception

 By manipulating narratives and amplifying certain viewpoints, CIB can skew public opinion on various issues, from politics to public health. This distortion can have lasting implications on societal norms, values, and decision-making processes.

Influence on Elections

Perhaps one of the most concerning aspects of CIB is its potential to influence democratic processes. Misinformation spread through coordinated campaigns can sway election outcomes by misleading voters and shaping public discourse.

How it works

Use our bot detection software to

  • Specify the accounts you want to monitor, whether they're social media influencers, public figures, or specific user groups.

  • Conduct an authenticity analysis to determine if the accounts are bots or genuine users.

  • Conduct a coordination analysis to identify if the accounts are part of a coordinated effort.

  • Prepare detailed reports summarizing its findings or transfer the data through API for further analysis.


Government agencies can leverage bot monitoring to assess their information environment and protect citizens from online threats. Bot detection can safeguard democratic processes and maintain public trust.

Public Sector

Businesses can raise awareness of information security threats and safeguard their brand, employees, and assets with bot monitoring. By establishing best practices for bot detection and information security, businesses can mitigate risks and ensure security.

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NGOs and citizens can utilize bot monitoring to conduct research, build information resilience, and enhance their capabilities in information security.

Civil Society

Osavul is one of the best bot detection softwares that helps identify, analyze, and counter information manipulation tactics like Foreign Information Manipulation Interference (FIMI), disinformation, and CIB.

This empowers security professionals to fight bots effectively and promote online integrity, contributing to a safer and more secure digital landscape.


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