Analyze harmful narratives with Osavul's Media Monitoring

The media monitoring software designed for specialists, organizations, and businesses

Media monitoring is essential for specialists, organizations, and businesses focused on reputation management, analyzing media field and risks that might be caused by information threats. Osavul's media monitoring software ensures that you're not just staying updated about media narratives and disinformation threats, but also staying ahead of false narratives and risks that they bare.

Monitor media with our AI and advanced search. Analyze key ideas among all platforms and detect harmful narratives.
Our software analyses the credibility of sources, enabling you to separate the compromised ones from the trusted ones.
Simplify your monitoring process with our user-friendly interface, while also utilizing advanced features for in-depth analysis.
Using Large Language Models our AI shows you the whole spectrum of narratives in different languages.

Key Benefits for Specialists, Organizations, and Businesses

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