Fighting FIMI with Osavul

Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference and its influence in the modern world

Is often labeled as “disinformation,” which is spread by malicious actors like persons, foreign states, and organizations to destabilize processes, democratic societies, target personalities and responsible businesses. 

It has emerged as a critical concern in the modern geopolitical landscape, evolving into a strategic policy tool employed by state and non-state actors. Nowadays, FIMI is a widespread problem, according to the 2nd EEAS Report on Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference Threats. Here is the map of the states and numbers of foreign information attacks conducted for the last 2023 year. 

States Affected By FIMI in 2023

The map of FIMI attacks noted in the 2nd EEAS Report on Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference Threats  

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Global Concerns About FIMI

“The United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada remain deeply concerned about foreign information manipulation and other actions designed to undermine our democracies and human rights globally.”

“FIMI is closely connected to both hybrid threats and cyber threats and has become a crucial component of modern-day warfare"

Josep Borrell

Josep Borrell

“The battle against FIMI is a matter of European security. It is one of the battles of our times. And with the tools we are developing, it is a battle that can be won”

EU - 2nd EEAS Report

2nd FIMI EEAS Report

Why Is FIMI Monitoring Important?

fighting FIMI as a part of elections protection

Elections protection

FIMI can disrupt democratic elections by spreading disinformation, undermining the integrity of the elections.

FIMI and national security

National Security

FIMI operations can be used as part of hybrid warfare strategies to weaken public trust in government institutions and destabilize countries.

FIMI and public discourse

Public Discourse

By identifying and countering misinformation, monitoring efforts help ensure that public discourse is based on accurate information.

Risk Prevention

Risk Prevention

Timely detection of information threats can prevent the escalation of misinformation campaigns that cause crises in public and private sectors by narrative attacks.

economic risks prevention

Economic Risks Prevention

Disinformation and misinformation is recognized number 1 threat by the World Economic Forum Risk Report. Avoid financial and macroeconomic risks from Foreign State Information Manipulation.  

international security

International Security

Propaganda and information operations affect diplomatic efforts of the the states and try to destabilize international institutions that can result in war conflicts.

How Does Osavul Fight FIMI?

Detection of foreign interference, its analysis and sharing threats with your partners.   

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Real-time narrative monitoring allows our AI-powered information security solution to detect FIMI on time and analyze them.
Our platform is tailored to the principles of the Rapid Alert System that allows you and your partners share threats, mutually analyze Foreign Interference and Information Manipulation and take preventative measures.
We systematically collect data and evidence of Foreign Interference and Information Manipulation incidents. This helped us to develop comprehensive framework and methodology for information sharing and analyzing of FIMI roots.
Our AI-powered information security solution helps to process huge datasets from big set of social media platforms, messengers and web media at a lower cost with less human factor involved.  

Osavul Changes the Approach

Osavul treats FIMI seriously from day 1 and has managed to create a unique system to fight it

How it was before

Osavul approach

Post-reaction to Foreign Information Interference and Manipulation after disinformation has affected the victim
Pre-bunking of FIMI by real-time monitoring and automatic Threat Intelligence
Haphazard pieces of FIMI analysis among partners who suffer from the same attack
Opportunity to share FIMI threats within one platform together with the opportunity to report Foreign Interference and Information Manipulation threats to the system
Manual search for the FIMI threats
AI-powered search within big datasets and in multiple languages
Absent experience and knowledge base of Foreign Interference and Information Manipulation tactics and procedures
Deep knowledge base of malicious actors, their behavior and affiliation, as well as about their tactics and procedures
Absence of the soft that can be easily integrated into your Rapid Alert System or Response system
Osavul can be easily integrated into the existing alert systems or become such a system for you using its Threat Intelligence Core

Fight FIMI With Osavul

Osavul has a unique experience in protecting states and organizations from FIMI. Becoming a success story in Ukraine which is number 1 state targeted by Foreign Interference and Information Manipulation, Osavul has been recognized a key partner of the state and its international partners, being presented globally. Contact our team to see how your state or institution can be protected from information threats.

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