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[Why Choose Osavul?]
100 000+ data sources

Osavul offers the most comprehensive access to Telegram monitoring: channels and chats, giving you access to over 100,000 data sources, even exclusive closed communities. Stay ahead of the curve with real-time updates from a vast array of Telegram communities.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Save time and effort with our advanced search capabilities. Osavul allows you to make flexible queries, filter through massive amounts of data quickly and efficiently, pinpointing the information you need with precision and accuracy while conducting Telegram monitoring.

Multilingual Capabilities

Break down language barriers with our powerful multilingual capabilities. Osavul can analyze content in multiple languages, even those you don't know, giving you a truly global perspective and helping you uncover valuable insights from Telegram conversations worldwide.

AI-Powered Narrative Analysis

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to analyze narratives within Telegram discussions and detect Telegram disinformation. Osavul’s AI models can help you identify narratives, trends, sentiments, and key information to make informed decisions.

Source intelligence

Osavul collects intelligence about each channel such as possible affiliation with governments, certain groups or signs of coordinated activities. Analyze who exactly is sharing certain information and detect potential threats.

API Access

Seamlessly integrate our software into your existing workflows with our API access. Retrieve, analyze, and manage Telegram data programmatically.


Brand Protection

Safeguard your brand's reputation by monitoring Telegram for mentions, discussions, and potential threats. Our software allows you to detect and respond to any brand-related issues proactively.

Telegram OSINT Investigations

Conduct Telegram OSINT investigations more effectively. Uncover valuable data, identify trends, analyze events and organizations to gather crucial information to support your investigative efforts.

Political and Geopolitical Media Monitoring

Stay informed about political developments and geopolitical events by monitoring Telegram channels, chats and narratives, conducting Telegram OSINT investigations. Our software provides real-time updates and comprehensive access to relevant information for better decision-making.


Osavul’s Telegram analytics has the biggest amount of channels and chats I’ve ever seen. Data is always up to date. It allows us to find all the relevant information in seconds.

OSINT specialist

AI-powered and multilingual capabilities in Osavul are impressive! I can conduct research at a global scale.

Media monitoring team lead

Osavul provides valuable intelligence about the channels. Thanks to the platform, I know what groups exactly are responsible for sharing certain topics and narratives.

Intelligence professional

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