Enhance Government Information Security with Osavul

A comprehensive solution for government reputation management and government strategic communications

Today cyber attacks are not the only stream of threats, that's why government information security is paramount. Osavul resolves challenges governmental organizations face in fighting disinformation. We offer a full range of services specifically crafted to satisfy government information security requirements and spot potential missinformation threats.

Detect information threats at the very beginning before they affect your government reputation.
Failure in government information security can lead to a crisis in government reputation management. Maintain the integrity of your public sector by building resilience against info threats.
Government strategic communication depends on the accurate data gathered by the reliable source and timing. Osavul is the fast and reliable solution to detect information threats and build successful communication.
Our AI is trained to recognize patterns and anomalies in information dissemination, thereby flagging suspicious content for human review and detect disinformation threats during the elecetion process.

Why Choose Osavul for Public Sector?

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