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Marketing Experts And Narrative Attacks

Because marketing experts must manage their reputation online, external threats like a narrative attack can be quite damaging to brand equity.

Such an attack can occur in many forms, including messages, social media posts, news articles, comments and bot-generated information. For this reason, there’s an increasing need for brand protection software from Osavul that can be used to find the sources of disinformation and misinformation so it can be dealt with. 

With these protection measures, you have the ability to respond swiftly, using a healthy and positive communication strategy to protect company reputation. Visibility is the goal when it comes to marketing and attacks can impact the trust that clients have in your brand.

We are Here to Help Marketing Leaders

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There are systems in place online, such as legacy systems and listening tools, which work to count keywords and analyze sentiment for a brand or person.

However, they are not built to go deeper and cannot detect narratives across platforms or languages, nor can they operate across multiple modes of communication to protect your brand. These are systems that marketing experts need to see. 

Without transparency in these realms, there’s the risk of narrative attacks that aren’t discovered until they’ve already been planted. That means rushed decisions that are forced in response, many of which only serve to make the problem worse and harder to counteract.


Osavul Can Solve Marketing Leaders Biggest Narrative Risk Challenges

Osavul brings innovative software that helps you protect your brand, giving you early detection of threats and risks, so you can take appropriate measures to put forth an effective response to the situation.

This can be done in several useful and valuable ways.

  • Gather information about narrative attacks that affect you or your organization.

  • Uses AI to understand the contagion effect and analyze the spread of the narrative.

  • Looks for and finds hidden threats from bots and humans.

  • Automatically identifies harmful narratives and gives you the full statistics about the narrative.

Why Osavul is a solution?

brand reputation

The software searches across the web, including news outlets, social media and more and analyzes the data that you need to stay on top of risks. Our customizable risk profiles and risk scores give you valuable information that marketing experts can take for brand reputation protection.  


There are many examples in which software from Osavul can be useful in providing protection for a brand:


Brand manipulation

Labor relations

Financial markets relations

Cyber attack

Executive targeting

Be Ahead Of The Market

Knowing the narrative is the first step to finding the software that best suits your needs for protecting your brand.

Osavul offers thoughtful and intuitive technology that allows you to protect your name and brand and tell the story you want to tell.

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