Information Security Risk Management Software

information security risk management software

Addressing Risks

A full 25 percent of executives call reputational damage the biggest threat to their company, now and in the next few years. Digital narratives continue to be the norm, which means that security and risk management leaders must be ready and able to address misinformation and disinformation, as well as being able to identify threats and potential risks, so mitigation measures can be taken to limit or eliminate such issues.

What’s the solution? The best information security risk management software on the market.

Introducing Osavul

With our technology, risk leaders can modify and implement strategies for risk management and stay prepared in the case of a narrative threat that could negatively impact the brand and its cybersecurity and finances.

information security and risk management

The Issue of Risk

You’d be hard-pressed to find a risk leader who has the visibility necessary to see harmful narratives that put them at cyber risk by exposing sensitive data about the brand and company. Manual tools don’t operate in the same way that information security and risk management can.

The right software does a premier job of understanding, scoring and interpreting threats so that brands can respond quickly before escalation makes the situation worse.

Without the information needed to face threats, executives are at risk and unable to make decisions in critical situations or counteract the negative impact that a narrative threat can cause.

When this happens, you’re unable to protect your organization.
Osavul offers security risk management software that equips risk executives and a variety of tools to minimize risk. That includes AI technology, context, expert consulting that mitigates and predicts narrative threat risks.

We Partner With Risk Leaders

Osavul's Solution

The right information security risk management software can help risk leaders face the challenges presented by narrative threats, and Osavul offers just what is needed to recognize, mitigate and deal with these threats.

The narrative intelligence platform creates the visibility needed to face risks that might otherwise go undetected.

risk executives


Offers clarity on the narrative threats that pose a risk to your organization.

risk leaders

AI powered Technology

Uses AI to recognize and identify the threat for contagion.

security and risk management leaders

Threat Detection

Finds hidden threats from both humans and bots.

information security app for risk managers

Threat Alerts

Improves and increases cybersecurity risk management so you’re prepared when at threat comes up.

By choosing Osavul software, you take the control of risk management and have power over narrative threats. The technology digests the data from social media, news sites, and the dark web to alert you to the potential of reputation damaging threats. The associated AI platform scans the internet, finding instances when negative things are being said about your brand or organization.

How It Works

Getting Tangible Results

Once you’ve discovered these threats, the software allows for customizing threat profiles and sources that spread them, so that you can both assess the risk and take steps to counteract it. Once a threat has been identified, it’s much easier to take the necessary action to take care of it, but it also prepares you for future instances when a narrative threat may arise.

1st point

Brand and Reputation:
 Brand manipulation
 Geopolitical risk
 Financial markets

2nd point

 Crisis
 Cyber attack
 Stock manipulation
 Supply chain

3rd point

 Executive targeting
 Labour relations
 Insider threat
 Physical safety

Relevant Use for Osavul Software

Automate Your Risk Management

It’s important to see the risks coming so that you can minimize risk. Contact us today and speak with our experts who can help shine a light on the narrative risks that your brand faces so that you can be prepared when the situation comes along.

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