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Osavul was created as the response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Over two years, our platform has been tested in the real war conditions. Using our experience we helped the EU, US and APAC partners prevent information attacks and the risks they bare. Also, this made Osavul the key solution for narrative analysis in Ukraine.

Using Osavul narrative analysis and threat intelligence, our partners can conduct advanced media monitoring to make a deep information environment assessment and detect information threats and narrative attacks, avoiding reputational, economic and other collateral risks.

We are happy to assist any democratic governmental institutions, responsible business, media, NGOs and opinion leaders by providing top-notch information security, reputation management and narrative monitoring.

Major information threats detected in 2023
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Osavul company success story
Osavul Company defined protection of society from disinformation and manipulations from malicious actors as a main mission.
All our efforts are dedicated to assisting democratic governments in protecting their citizens and guarding responsible business organizations against information threats, building media resilience together with society.
Osavul Company stands on democratic values, freedom of speech, self-determination, and self-expression for each individual.
Osavul Company does not use its technologies to mislead people, produce disinformation or increase divide and mistrust between social groups.
How AI fights fakes
How AI is leading the fight against disinformation in Ukraine, Gaza

“AI technology lets Osavul parse volumes of information being pushed in a co-ordinated manner far out of sight of any single set of human eyes.”

The Sydney Morning Herald

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