The Best Brand Protection Solution for Communication Leaders

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Addressing Risks

Brands around the world face the risk of a narrative attack due to misinformation and disinformation, which is now classified as the #1 global risk that organizations face. Once it’s been compromised, fixing a brand’s reputation can be quite difficult. If you aren’t prepared to respond, the risk can be ruinous.

So, what’s a business’s best course of action? The premier brand protection solution for communication leaders from Osavul.

Introducing Osavul

To keep communication leaders prepared for potential narrative attack risks, Osavul offers technology and expert consultations that help, both for cybersecurity, information security as well as to safeguard important data, such as finances and build trust with clients.

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The Issue of Risk

Most communication leaders don’t have the deeper technology that allows for looking beyond keywords and measuring sentiments about a brand. That means that deeper narrative risks, such as across various languages, platforms and other methods of communication aren’t seen. Unfortunately, this is precisely what a communication leader most needs to see. 

The truth is that most narrative attacks are only detected after the fact. That often results in fast decisions that can make the problem worse, rather than being an effective measure of counterattack.

Without the right software to detect threats, a communication leader is hard pressed to make appropriate decisions, take the right course of action and counteract the negative impact that a narrative risk poses to a brand. That means the organization is at risk.

Osavul brings top of the line brand protection solutions that present essential leadership tools that become effective as soon as they are implemented. Among them are AI technology, consulting, context and predictions that control the threat of attacks.

We Work with Communication Leaders

Osavul's Solution

There are a variety of ways that Osavul offers the ideal solution for recognizing and mitigating threats and attacks before they damage a brand’s reputation and cause other negative repercussions.

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Creates context and clarity around attacks that could impact an organization.

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AI powered Technology

Uses AI for discovery and understanding of contagion and its negative effects.

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Threat Detection

Finds and deals with threats posed by both humans and bots.

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Strategic Management

Creates the opportunity for strategic decision making.

When you choose Osavul, you take your power back when it comes to threats and attacks. Our specialized technology scans and analyzes social media platforms, news media sites, the dark web, and more and alerts you to any potential risks that can damage your reputation. Our AI platform works to scan all over the internet, detecting negativity regarding your brand and organization.

How It Works

We Get Results

Once a threat is detected, the software continues to work hard for you by customizing a threat profile and risk score that is specific to your brand and organization. That allows you to take stock of the risk and create the best plan to counteract it. It’s also the premier way to prepare you for future threats and attacks.

1st point

Brand and Reputation:
 Brand manipulation
 Geopolitical risk
 Financial markets

2nd  point

 Crisis
 Cyber attack
 Stock manipulation
 Supply chain

3rd point

 Executive targeting
 Labour relations
 Insider threat
 Physical safety

Relevant Use for Osavul Software

Automate Your Risk Management

It’s vital that your brand is protected from damaging threats to its reputation. Contact us today and our experts can help you determine what risks may be lurking out there and help you create the software solution that will prepare you.

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