Osavul for Public Sector Leaders

information security in the public sector

The Scope

By some estimates, approximately half the world’s population will vote in an election in 2024.Unfortunately, a range of individuals are capitalizing on this and using disinformation and misinformation to influence the outcome, usually at the expense of a reputable democracy.

That could be private citizens, activist groups, officials or entire nation-states. These narrative attacks tend to spread like wildfire, making information security in the public sector a priority for both individuals and organizations.

Preventing narrative attacks is vital for avoiding conflict among nations.

Introducing Osavul

Trust in government often depends on perception rather than fact. There's always someone spreading fear and confusion.

Current digital intelligence tools can't effectively contextualize or understand narrative risks, leaving the public sector vulnerable.

Osavul's public sector information and cybersecurity program aims to visualize threats like manipulation, misinformation, and disinformation. It can detect violent threats and aid public sector information security by preventing threats to election members and attempts to discredit individuals or organizations.

public sector cyber security

Osavul Solves the Core Challenges Faced By Public Sector Leaders

Osavul’s intelligence platform offers cyber security in the public sector with visibility of narrative threats, which can go undetected without this assistance until it’s already become a big problem.

Cyber security measures can look many ways, based on the needs of the individual or the entity.

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Automatic Threat Intelligence

Find out about narrative attacks affecting your organization.

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AI-powered search

Use AI to discover harmful narratives by scanning social media, news outlets, and other online websites.

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Build Effective Communication

Enables strategic decision making that can be applied when threats are detected to reduce risks that go with a narrative attack.

cyber security in public sector

How It Works

With our technology, you’ll be the first to know when there’s a threat because the program looks for potential risks on social media, the dark web, news sites and fringe outlets, putting together data and information maps that assess the potential for an attack.

When potential harmful information is detected, you can discover what’s being said about yourself, your organization or any group you are affiliated with. These customized risk profiles give you the tools you need to minimize the risk, counteract the damage and protect yourself.

point 1

Brand and Reputation:
 Brand manipulation
 Geopolitical risk
 Financial markets

point 2

 Crisis
 Cyber attack
 Stock manipulation
 Supply chain

point 3

 Executive targeting
 Labour relations
 Insider threat
 Physical safety

Relevant Use for Osavul Software

Navigate The Risk

Knowing the narrative gives you the tools you need to navigate the risk, which gives you the quick and effective opportunity to stop and counteract damage in the event of an attack. Contact Osavul today and let us equip you with the technology you need to take on the threat of a narrative attack.

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