Fight Election Disinformation

Protecting the Integrity of Elections: Battling Election Misinformation

In today's digital age, election disinformation and election misinformation are rapidly becoming major threats to democratic processes. Osavul helps agencies and governmental organizations safeguard the integrity of elections. We address the growing concerns of disinformation and elections, ensuring that voters have access to factual information.

Real-time Monitoring: Our platform continuously scans various media channels for misleading information and rapidly flags narratives for review.
Advanced Analytics: Osavul’s dashboard provides in-depth analytics to help you understand the sources and reach of election misinformation.
Data Security: Ensuring election security is our top priority. All the data processed through Osavul is fully protected.
Our AI is trained to recognize patterns and anomalies in information dissemination, thereby flagging suspicious content for human review and detect disinformation threats during the elecetion process.

Why Choose Osavul for Election Security?

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