Maidan 3: Information Operation in the Nutshell

Learn how Russia executes information operation to destabilize Ukraine and
cause the new revolution

research data
1000+ Data Sources

Osavul analyzed more than 1000 sources in time span of November - December 2023 to detect the narratives spread to boost the information operation "Maidan 3". We analyzed web media, messengers like Telegram, social media platforms and others to find the dominating narratives in the operation.  

ai analysis
AI-Powered Narrative Analysis

Our AI Models helped us detect the crucial ideas around Maidan 3 operation that will be used in this continuing operation in the near future. The operation is aimed to cause the internal conflict between the government and the society that is aimed to result in revolution in Ukraine and defeat at the battlefield.

information operation roadmap
Roadmap of Narratives

Osavul has outlined the crucial and most dangerous ideas behind Maidan 3 operation. Using our research you can see what vectors will be the main pain points targeted by Russian propaganda to destabilize Ukraine.


Fact-Check Protection

Maidan 3 Information Operation is a complicated set of narratives and sub narratives that are aimed to destabilize Ukraine in war and cause social division actions, like riots, in Ukraine. Be aware of the whole net of the narratives to avert the involvement in this operation, managed by Russian state propaganda.  

Maidan 3
information operation research

Conduct Your Own Investigation

Conduct your own investigation of Maidan 3 Information Operation using our research as a basis. Maidan 3 is a part of Russian long going game against Ukraine and is a part of the full scale war against it. If you are interested in conducting research based on our findings - feel free to request the full report.

Coordinated Behavior Detection

See how Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior plays role in formulating harmful narratives and supports the existing ones. You will also see how the key narratives are pushed by the state-affiliated Russian channels and migrate to the Ukrainian information field through coordinated posts and comments.

maidan 3 information operation research
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