Osavul's Social Media Monitoring: Your First Line of Defense Against Online Disinformation

Tackle disinformation threats with Osavul's social media monitoring tool

The battle against online disinformation starts on social media. Recognizing this critical challenge, Osavul’s social media monitoring software provides a robust solution tailored for specialists, organizations, and businesses aiming to counter false narratives.

Stay ahead of false narratives. Our social media monitoring tool alerts you the moment disinformation starts to spread across various platforms, allowing for immediate countermeasures.
Utilize sentiment analysis, topic clustering, and other features to isolate channels of disinformation affecting your brand, field, or area of interest.
The real benefits of SM monitoring manifest in our actionable insights that enable you to effectively debunk false narratives and improve your strategic communcations.
Using Large Language Models our AI shows you the whole spectrum of narratives in different languages on various social media platforms.

Core Capabilities of Osavul’s Social Media Monitoring Software

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