Osavul for Executive Teams

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Osavul for Executive Teams

Business leaders have always fought on multiple front lines in the pursuit of success and the most modern one they face is information security.

Did you know that corporations and private organizations stand to lose up to $80 billion per year to disinformation? Executives and their teams must have a relevant information security system. Online narrative threats have the power to cause serious damage to corporate performance and can also reduce both stock valuations and shareholder values, as well as running the risk of alienating the customer base.

Osavul is a software dedicated to eliminating these threats in your business. This information security system for executive teams is a highly powered AI solution that works to protect businesses from the ever-expanding world of information threats while increasing information security intelligence from all angles.

A Helping Hand For Executive Teams

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The truth is that executive leaders are constantly met with problems that need to be solved, with the team identity relying on how the executive leader deals with obstacles and potential threats and risks. Osavul developers know what it feels like to be in the hot seat, and therefore the software developed provides an information security system that can do a lot of the hard work to allow executive leaders to flourish in other commitments.


In What Industries Is Osavul A Crucial Component?

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    Able to perform an information environment assessment, helping to protect both government organizations and citizens alike.

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    Builds a wall of information environment awareness, which helps to protect everyone and every thing from brand to assets to employees from various information threats. An invaluable increase in information security intelligence.

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    The software works to empower with tools and intelligent solutions, conducting vital research that helps to build the kind of information resilience that can effectively tackle online misinformation.

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    Elements including identifying, analyzing, and creating counter-information manipulation all add up to a vastly improved and much more secure system in place for executive leadership.

What Solutions Are Available?

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An AI-driven platform designed for the purpose of information environment assessment. It very effectively reveals and responds to unearthed information threats.

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CIB Guard

A state-of-the-art software suite that can be used to analyze chosen social media accounts, working to identify any coordinated inauthentic behavior (also known as CIB) among them.

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An assistant for day-to-day information security research and operations, perfected by the executive team collective mindset at Osavul HQ.

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An analysis of both web and social media in a single easy-to-navigate platform, providing the latest updates on the narratives that your team members choose to focus on.

Osavul Helps To Solve Core Challenges For Executive Leaders

Thanks to all of the above-mentioned tools and benefits, the software is an effective way for the executive leadership to help safeguard crucial business elements from the threat of damaging external forces.

It helps identify actual issues so they may be remedied and potential risks so preventative measures can be implemented.

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Be Prepared For Crisis Before They Even Happen

With all of the powerful data and trend-analyzing tools at your disposal, you can effectively and easily prepare yourself for any kind of misinformation crisis that could occur before it has even begun.

Osavul is an all-round AI powered tool that has the intelligence to come up with solutions for problems that your business may not have even encountered yet. In the age of digital business, prevention is always going to be the best form of cure.

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