Building Defenses: Strategies Against Chinese Disinformation

Chinese disinformation

China as a global player in the media sphere

Chinese disinformation has become a growing concern in global discourse as campaigns originating from China continue to permeate various online platforms and media channels. With the spread of social media and digital communication, combating this onslaught of false narratives requires a concerted effort from both governments and individuals alike.

Understanding the tactics and strategies employed in disseminating disinformation is crucial in the fight against it. Anonymous groups attack brands, personalities and governments on a daily basis, creating damage from such narrative attacks - this is why it is so important to monitor Chinese media field.  

Origins of Chinese Disinformation

Chinese disinformation often originates from state-sponsored sources, including government agencies and affiliated media outlets.

Non-state actors, such as cyber mercenaries and troll farms, also play a significant role in spreading false information on behalf of Chinese interests.

Targets and Objectives

Disinformation campaigns target a wide range of audiences, both domestically and internationally.

Objectives may include shaping public opinion, discrediting political opponents, and advancing China's strategic interests on the global stage.

Common Themes and Narratives

Themes of Chinese disinformation often revolve around geopolitical issues, historical revisionism, and attacks on democratic institutions.

Cyber attacks on economic sectors, information campaigns against business competitors and reputational damage of the companies with the help of Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior.

Strategies to Fight off Chinese Disinformation in Business

These days, businesses everywhere are also vulnerable to fake news from China. Social media makes this stuff spread even faster. This can hurt a company's reputation and make it hard for people to know what's true. So, how to fight off Chinese disinformation?


Corporate Vigilance and Integrity

Establish robust internal protocols to identify and mitigate the spread of false information within the organization.

Cybersecurity Measures

Investing in advanced cybersecurity technologies like Osavul to detect and prevent cyber and information attacks aimed at spreading false narratives.

Supply Chain Resilience

Conducting thorough due diligence on suppliers and partners to ensure their integrity and commitment to ethical business practices.

fight off Chinese disinformation
Chinese fake news

What business can do?

Businesses can fight off Chinese disinformation by being vigilant internally, fortifying cybersecurity, and diversifying their supply chains. To protect your reputation, data, and operations, it is crucial to stay informed, take action, and stay ahead.

Implement Osavul to track Chinese actors who conduct information and cyber attacks.


Technological Solutions and Innovation

Advancements in technology offer new opportunities to combat Chinese fake news and protect digital ecosystems. Key initiatives include developing AI-powered algorithms and tools to detect and flag suspicious content generated by Chinese disinformation networks.

Businesses can contribute to by implementing stricter content moderation, promoting media literacy among users, and supporting independent fact-checking organizations. This multipronged approach, encompassing technology, government action, media awareness, and business initiatives, is crucial for mitigating the impact of false information and upholding a truthful online discourse.  

Why Osavul is a solution?

Osavul can detect Chinese narratives, translate them into your native language, give you an ample statistics on messages, sources and threat. Our AI can detect, analyze and share information attacks spread by Chinese actors

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