Russian propaganda and the Olympics

Learn how Russia uses sports as a part of state propaganda


Learn more about the narratives

In this brief, we analyze the narratives pushed by Russia on the eve of the Olympic games 2024. Sports, being one of the parts of the state policies, is crucial for Russian propaganda, and the Olympic games ban for Russian athletes is painfully perceived by the state. This is why several tracks in the Russian narratives overlap and try to push the Russian agenda on the global stage.  

russian propaganda in sport
russian fakes in sport

Investigate Fakes

Learn more about the fakes spread by Russian-affiliated channels criticizing International Olympic Committee and disqualification of the Russian athletes.

What is the International Friendship Games?

Russia tries to substitute the Olympic Games 2024 with its own International  Friendship Games and criticize IOC for not supporting this idea. Look at the kind of narratives Russia pushes to squeeze out the Olympic Games from the global stage.

What is the International Friendship Games?
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