Osavul won in 1991 media hackathon

OSavul admin
28 Mar 2023
2 min read
Osavul, Ukrainian information security company based, has won the 1991 Media Hackathon. The company developed a software suite to identify Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior among actors in online media, which can help governments and companies to identify bad actors and restrict their accounts in cooperation with big tech platforms.

The technology was well-received by the judges and partners at the hackathon and earned Osavul first place. The event was organized in cooperation with USAID, the European Union, NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security of Ukraine, Govtech Polska, Eastern Partnership Fund, Fundacja Moje Panstwo, Diia Business, Google for Startups, Startup Poland, iClub, Global Startup Awards, Startup Hungary, HackYeah, ProIdea, Molfar, and VoxCheck.

"We are thrilled to have won the 1991 Media Hackathon with our innovative CIB software suite," said Osavul's CEO. "This technology has the potential to make a real difference in identifying bad actors and restricting their activities online. We are grateful to all the partners and judges who recognized the value of our work."

Osavul's software suite uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze patterns of behavior across multiple online media accounts, helping governments and companies to identify and counteract coordinated inauthentic behavior. This technology is particularly relevant in today's world, where social media platforms are being increasingly used to spread disinformation and influence public opinion. The CIB suite will be integrated into Osavul’s CommSecure platform and will become part of the company’s offering.

With this win, Osavul is well-positioned to continue developing cutting-edge information security solutions.
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