Osavul: Celebrating Our Milestone as Ukraine's Honorary Digital Ambassador

OSavul admin
December 26,  2023
3 min read
Honorary Digital Ambassador of Ukraine Osavul
As the New Year approaches, we at Osavul are thrilled to share a monumental achievement with our community. In a remarkable recognition of our efforts, we have been honored as the Honorary Digital Ambassador of Ukraine.

This distinction, the highest in public diplomacy, singles us out as the sole recipient in the digitalization category, a testament to our unique and impactful contributions.

Our journey, beginning less than two years ago as a volunteer initiative, has been nothing short of extraordinary. We've grown into a key partner of Ukraine, diligently combating disinformation and fortifying the pillars of truth and transparency in the digital world.

Our inclusion in the esteemed list of Honorary Ambassadors of Ukraine places us in the company of luminaries and change-makers across diverse fields - from culture and economy to sports and education. This network of ambassadors, including esteemed figures like Taras Topolia, Ukrzaliznytsia, and Ievgen Klopotenko, Ruslan Baginskiy exemplifies the diverse strengths of Ukraine.
At Osavul, our mission has been unyielding: to detect and neutralize information threats using cutting-edge AI technology. We operate not just within the borders of Ukraine but on a global scale, safeguarding democratic societies against the tide of fake news and harmful narratives.

This recognition by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is not only an honor but a reaffirmation of the vital nature of our work. We also extend our deepest gratitude for this acknowledgment to Minister for Foreign Affairs - Dmytro Kuleba and our profound thanks to the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska. Her support for the initiatives of Honorary Ambassadors, and her inspirational role, fuels our commitment to excellence.

As holders of the Bird-Trident, a symbol of distinction designed by TSVITE TEREN, we are constantly reminded of our responsibility in the digital landscape. This award is more than a mere accolade; it's a symbol of the trust placed in us to lead and innovate in the fight against disinformation.

As Osavul steps into the new year, we are not just a company but a beacon of digital resilience and innovation. We stand proud of our Ukrainian heritage and are driven to reach new heights in our continuous fight for a truthful, transparent digital world.
Olena Zelenska and Dmytro Kuleba
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