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About us:

We are an early-stage startup with a mission-driven focus on protecting countries, societies and companies from disinformation and manipulation online. As a Ukrainian team, we are united by this vision. Our people have a great level of autonomy, self-organization, and ownership of the work. We take pride in building products that are used by governments and prominent organizations globally.

Role Overview:

We're on the lookout for a skilled Analyst who is passionate about combating disinformation and contributing to the security and integrity of online information.


- Monitoring and Analysis: Keep a vigilant eye on various online platforms and social networks, identifying and analyzing disinformation trends.
- Research: Delve deep to uncover the roots, motives, and methods behind disinformation campaigns.
- Collaboration: Work hand-in-hand with cross-functional teams to devise effective strategies that minimize the impact of misinformation.
- Database Support: Maintain and utilize databases and systems essential for tracking and countering disinformation.
- Reporting: Articulate your findings in comprehensive reports and presentations for our partners and clients.
- Staying Ahead: Continuously track the latest advancements in disinformation tactics and integrate them into your work.


- At least 2 years of experience in media analytics or a related field.
- Advanced proficiency in English.
- Strong analytical skills, with a keen eye for detail.
- In-depth knowledge of social networks, digital media, and online communities.
- Familiarity with data analysis tools and methods (SQL, API, Excel, etc.).
- Basic skills in Python, R, or other programming languages would be a significant plus.

Soft Skills:

- High performance and a high level of self-organization.
- Strong ability to work in a team setup and individually.
- Ability to deal with complex abstract problems.
- Problem-solving mindset.
- High level of motivation.
- Trustworthiness.

What We Offer:

- Autonomy and freedom to experiment and bring your ideas to life.
- Full remote working.
- Competitive salary.
- Full-time employment.

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